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Terms & Conditions

Travel Terms & Conditions of Karpfenland Aischgrund e.V., herein referred to as tour operator.

This is the translation of the German text of the Karpfenland Aischgrund e.V. Terms & Conditions. The German version shall be authoritative in all cases where the translation deviates from the original German version of these Terms & Conditions.
Karpfenland Aischgrund e.V., the „Verein“, is tour operator based in D-91315 Höchstadt/Aisch, Obere Brauhausgasse 3. The travel/tour descriptions set forth in our brochures as well as on our website are applicable.
No contract is formed until Karpfenland Aischgrund e.V., as the tour operator, issues written confirmation of the booking via mail, e-mail or fax. Changes of services and service providers are expressly reserved thereafter.
1. Prices and Services
1.1 All shown prices are declared in EURO, without VAT and always apply for one person. Prices are inclusive of all services specified in our offer, such as e.g. tour guide, entrance fees, etc. Any additional services not specified in our offer are not inclusive and are to be paid by the customer.

1.2. Time schedules as agreed upon in the offer are always binding for all customers. Return times are always non-binding. Additional and/or special services must be agreed upon in writing and confirmed by us. The tour operator will not assume any liability for such services provided by third parties. With regards to theatre and/or convert tickets we do not assume any warranty and liability for adjacent seats.

1.3. With regards to booked hotel accommodations we will always try to book the best possible selection of rooms for you. But we are under no obligation to do so. The final selection of the rooms rests with the owner of the hotel. On the day of arrival, rooms will usually be available from 6 p.m. Guests are requested to vacate on day of departure before 11 a.m.
1.4. The travel fare is covered and insured against the loss of payment from insolvency based on legal regulations § 651 k BGB with the R+V Insurance Company. The insolvency insurance is included in the travel fare. Taking out a travel-withdrawal policy is highly advised.
1.5. Pets are not allowed to participate, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
1.6. Liability for baggage is limited to 1.000 Euros per piece of luggage. We shall only be liable within the scope of the baggage liability. We assume no liability for e.g. jewelry, watches, cameras, computers, cash money etc. All hazardous goods are categorically excluded from the transport. Taking out a travel-withdrawal policy is highly advised.
1.7. We do not grant any reductions for children, unless otherwise stated or quoted in our offer. Some tours are not suitable for children and/or suitable only for children under a certain age.
1.8. In line with the common practice, a minimum number of participants is needed in each tour/journey. The number of participants needed is stated in our offer. Complete and free withdrawal up to 7 days before the tour start date due to non-achievement of minimum party size. Travel price payments already received will be reimbursed immediately. No claim for compensation resulting therefrom shall be made.

2. Contract, conditions of payment and cancellation
2.1. By registering for a tour the booking of the tour is binding. A travel agreement will only be deemed concluded once confirmed by the tour operator in writing. Additional modifications, withdrawals from travel contracts and rights and duties shall be expressly and exclusively reserved to the tour operator both during and after the execution of any agreement.
2.2. A deposit in the amount of 20% of the travel price may be required upon conclusion of the contract. The payment of the balance is due 2 weeks prior to start of travel without the need of any further notice to the debtor. In the event that the customer does not provide payment in full, initial payment or payment of the balance at the agreed deadlines, then the tour operator is entitled to exclude the customer from participation and withdraw from the contract.
2.3. The customer is entitled to withdraw from the travel up to start of travel anytime. It is recommended to do the withdrawal in writing in order to avoid any misunderstandings. In any event Karpfenland Aischgrund e.V. is entitled to a refund as follows:
- up to the 30th day prior to start of travel, 10% of the travel price
- from the 29th through the 15th day prior to start of travel, 35% of travel price
- from the 14th through the 7th day prior to start of travel, 50% of travel price
- from the 6th day prior to start of travel, 70% of the travel price
- on the day of your arrival or in the event of non-commencement of journey, 80% of the travel price.
With reference to withdrawal and rebooking, all costs for booked entrance tickets are to be paid separately. The tour operator is not able to use those entrance tickets otherwise. The customer is free to evidence to the tour operator. that no loss or a smaller loss has arisen than the flat-rate cancellation cost. Provided that you are inhibited to participate, it is possible to send a substitute for the booked event without any extra charges provided the full payment of the travel price has been received.
Re-bookings at the risk of the customer
In the event that any changes regarding the travel date, accommodation, tour itinerary or other services (rebooking) are made after contract conclusion and requested by the customer, then the tour operator is entitled to charge a rebooking fee in the amount of € 5.00 per person. We recommend that you make the rebooking changes in writing.
2.4. Unutilized Services and „no show“
After commencement of a tour, no refund in part or in full will be given for services included in the itinerary which are not utilized by the client. In the event a client is a “No-Show”, no refund in full or in part will be given for services in the program not utilized. If the traveler does not claim individual services because of early return journey or other compelling reasons, the tour operator will try to seek reimbursements for the saved expenditures from the relevant operator.
2.5. Rescission and termination through the tour operator
The tour operator can terminate the contract without notice if a traveler continues to disrupt a tour considerably despite being cautioned or behaves to such an extent in breach of contract that the annulment of the contract is justified. In the case of termination through the tour operator, the tour operator remains entitled to the price of the tour. The tour operator can terminate the contract without notice if the advertised or official minimum number of participants explicitly mentioned in the description of the tour (brochure/catalogue) is not reached. It is the tour operator's duty to inform the customer promptly as soon as the circumstances for the non-implementation of a tour occur and to forward the declaration of withdrawal immediately. The tour operator will return the paid travel fees without delay. Should it be clear earlier that the minimum number of participants can not be reached, the tour operator has to inform the customer of this fact. The tour operator can terminate the contract without noticeiIf after exhausting all possibilities the undertaking of a tour is not reasonable for the tour operator, because the amount of bookings is too low and the costs of undertaking the tour would mean exceeding the border of economic sacrifice. The tour operator can also terminate the contract without notice in the event of disruptions as the result of events beyond controls such as force majeure, outbreak of war or other catastrophes.
3. Liabilities of the tour operator
3.1. The tour operator is liable in the due diligence of a businessman for preparing the tour responsibly, the careful selection and supervision of the service providers, the correctness of the service description. The operator is not liable for defaults connected to services that are mediated as external services.
3.2. Tour participants are entitled to claim compensation for non-fulfillment of contract, unless the defect is due to circumstances which are not to be accounted for by the tour operator.
3.3. The contractual liability of damage that is not damage of the body is limited to the triple tour price as long as the damage is not caused wilfully or through culpable negligence, or as long as the tour operator is responsible for the damage caused to a traveler because of the fault of a service provider.
3.4. Claims resulting from not contractual tour delivery must be asserted within a month after the end of the journey stated in the contract.
3.5. German law applies exclusively to all legal matters. Place of jurisdiction is the Amtsgericht in Erlangen.

3.6. Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid in whole or in part the validity of the remaining provisions and of the contract shall not be affected.
In the event of a gap, a provision shall be deemed to have been agreed upon, which corresponds to what would have been agreed upon if both parties had considered the matter from the start.
Karpfenland Aischgrund e.V.
Obere Brauhausgasse 3
91315 Höchstadt/Aisch
Tel. 09193/626-158





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