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Sightseeing Attractions


Nightwatchman Tour

The Nightwatchman Tour is one of our most popular city tours. Join our Nightwatchman on his patrol during his evening rounds. Local history comes alive on this fantastic tour.

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Historical City Tour

Costumed guides take you on a fantastic city tour along with ancient tales, interesting mysteries and historical legends. Get in touch with history on this must-see tour!

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Guided Walking and Hiking Tours

The Karpfenland Aischgrund offers an enormously varied landscape which is best enjoyed on foot for those of you with a passion for walking or hiking. Our Tour Guides are experts and will take you to remote wilderness away from tourist hotspots.

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SchlossWeissenstein – Guided Tour

The palace contains the largest private Baroque art collection in Germany, containing over 600 pictures. Baroque and Renaissance artists represented include Rubens, Dürer, Titian, Breughel and van Dyck. Schloss Weissenstein in Pommersfelden is a fine example of Franconian Baroque architecture. The palace attracts up to 50.000 visitors per year. Guided tours are available for booking from April thru October. The Tours offer a fascinating glimpse behind the walls of the stunning Baroque castle. The 300-years-old building is fully intact and indeed provides you with an authentic taste of life in Baroque times. The tour takes you through splendid stately rooms and past a wide range of different artwork.

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Beer Breweries

Did you know that the beautiful Karpfenland Aischgrund is home to 20 beer breweries? See the brewing process and taste the Aischgrundbrews . Get some inside knowledge on the proud brewing tradition of the Karpfenland Aischgrund region. Book a tour on our beer brewery safari and discover a truly unique beer paradise! Sample a varietyof Aischgrund beers: Zwickelbier, Lager, Bockbier, Vollbier, Landbier, Märzen, Pils, Rauchbier, Hefeweizen, Kellerbier, Cherry Lady, Hopfengold, Schlotfegerla, Pilgertrunk, Kreuzbergerator, Roggenbier, Festbier, Smokey George, Haustrunk, Winterweizen, Weizenbock, Zwick´l, Doppelbock, Dunkel, Weihnachtsbier, Leichtes, Edel-Pilsener, Karpfenweiße, Storchenbier, Schmankerl Weiße, Schnapperla, Hopfenstoff, India Pale Ale, Kohlenstoff, Koksbock

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Let´s go „auf den Keller“!

Sitting in one of our picturesque beer gardens is a sightseeing must: Amazing atmosphere, wonderful food and a unique “auf´m Keller” experience. Nothing beats a trip to one of our many beer gardens to sip a freshly-brewed Aischgrund beer and taste some typical beer garden food like Rauchfleisch, Schäuferla, Bratwurst, Karpfen, Wurstsalat, Schaschlik, Tellersülze, Obatzter, Schweinebraten, Knöchla, Schweinehaxen or Schlachtschüssel. Hungry? Find out why we call it let´s go “auf den Keller” and join us on a fun Beer Garden Safari!

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Fischerei and Jagdmuseum– Guided Tour

The little Fischerei and Jagdmuseum in Adelsdorf is worth a visit: fishing and hunting artefacts and a museum guide with a great sense of humor. It´s one of those old-fashioned museums with magic atmosphere and dusty charm.

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Ritter-von Spix Museum

The famous German biologist Dr. Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix was born in Höchstadt. His childhood home (13th century) is a beautiful museum with interesting exhibits. Book a guided tour or meet Ritter-von-Spix in person on one of your historical city tours!

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The Tale of Sibylle Weiß – Antoniuskapelle Lauberberg

The creepy tale of the seeress Sibylle Weiß dates back to the 13th century. She was especially well-known for her good deeds among the poor. A woman with deep spiritual insights who told people what the future held. It is said that the devil got her one day while she was out praying. Join the guided tour to learn more about the tale of the deep past.

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